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YLSK machinery's Cliente service can be considered as its IDENTITY. Here we believe that a satisfied customer is an invaluable asset and clearly reflects the true identity of a company. We make it a priority to understand the needs of our customer and accordingly provide the relevant machine for their tools.



Dividimos distintamente nosso atendimento ao cliente em três partes:



This Phase of service is provided by our Sales & Marketing team, where we hear our client requirements.  We understand the needs of our clients, the specification they need, the spring they want to produce, the time frame in which they want us to provide the machine etc.  Our executives will than make a suggestion based on the requirements. While making the suggestion we make it a point that we provide the EXACT MACHINE that our client need in terms of SPECIFICATION and COST.



When the client is satisfied with the Specification, Quality and Cost, our Sales executive will recheck the package to make sure all the accessories and manuals are in place, the cargo is safely packed. This we call it “PERSONAL TOUCH”.  If the client want us to assist with the cargo, we readily do it and help the client find the best and the cheapest way of delivery.  At the same time we keep a track of the cargo and keep our client updated about it. Though most of our models are very easy to operate, yet we also provide the Operation classes online for those clients, who find it hard to operate.



After sales service is the most important criteria to prove a good and reliable customer service. So here in YLSK machinery, we stick with our clients way beyond the warranty period. We had always considered that our machine speaks of our quality and our after sales service speaks of our attitude. This service is provided by our engineers. Though our engineers can speak Inglês, yet, if there is any linguistic problem we take the assistance of our multilingual sales team to communicate. 


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